• Persons with any criminal backgrounds are not allowed to serve in our children’s ministry without written consent of the elder board.

  • All persons seeking to serve or lead in any situation that might involve minors will be required to submit to a criminal background check.

  • All persons serving in the church must adhere to volunteer policies.  If those policies are not provided the person volunteering must take it upon themselves to learn and submit to those policies.

  • We believe in the protection of children and therefore persons who have been accused of an illegal sexual offense are not permitted to attend services or events while investigations are ongoing. If a person is found guilty of sexual offense, they will not be allowed to attend services or events where potential victims might be present.  However, we believe in redemption and those accused or found guilty should feel free to consult with the pastor.  We operate in a larger believing community that believes in loving and supporting sexual offenders in a way that is healthy and safe for the offender.  We do our best to protect the privacy of sexual offenders.

  • Pictures taken at church events should not be placed on social media except by church staff.  If you would like a picture to be placed on social media, send the picture to the staff member overseeing the ministry.  Since we protect the privacy and well-being of all our members and children, we cannot explain our media decisions.  As a church we often find ourselves in a position to protect the vulnerable and our media decisions are our best attempts to support and protect every participant.


Our Policies